Please, if you have signs of ANY illness ( sniffles, sore throat etc) do take a lateral flow test before coming into the studio. With many of those vaccinated showing very mild symptoms it is quite possible to deduce you have a common cold, when in fact it is COVID.

We are a community studio and we teach all ages from young to much older people and want to make sure everyone is safe. Thanks for your understanding.

If you do happen to test positive and you have recently attended a class, please inform the teacher of the class you attended asap. That way we can alert students to get tested.


We are a small studio and limited in space. Most of our teachers require prepayment for classes to guarantee the mat space. We try and be as reasonable and flexible as we can be while running a business.

Living busy lives and in COVID times, there are bound to be certain occasions when you just have to cancel. However, we ask that you please try and give us at least 6 hours notice to cancel a class, to allow us to try and fill the space. Otherwise we may need to apply our late cancellation policy.

Those who block book sessions, and give the required notice, can move their class to another within that block.

Late notice

Pay as you go students

If we are given less than 6 but more than 3 hours notice, 50% of your class fee will be retained by the teacher.

No shows, or less than than 2 hours notice will result in no refunds or transfers to another class.

Block bookers/course bookings

If a student has paid for a course or a block of classes, the teacher’s discretion will decide whether, when given late notice, the student can attend another class in place of the missed session.